15-Day Demand Letter for Payment: Sample & Template

Litigation for everyone is usually seen as the best way to resolve any conflict. Because of this, for any dispute, one of the things to do during the negotiation process is to write a demand letter. The 15-day demand letter for payment is one example, and it serves as a formal request asking for the outstanding debt to be cleared.

When writing the 15-day demand letter for payment, you need to state the amount owed and your side of the story. In this concise letter requesting the opposing party to settle their debt, you also threaten to go to court if this mediation process isn’t fruitful. Are you seeking to learn how to write this letter? If so, this post is the perfect place to start.

What Should You Include In This Letter?

There are a couple of important details you should include when writing the 15-day demand letter for payment. These details will offer detailed instructions for the desired resolution and what brought about the current issue. Here’s an overview of the things you need to include in this letter;

  • The total amount that’s being demanded
  • The payment deadline
  • An overview of the original occurrence and the reason why the payment is required
  • A record of past attempts to resolve the issue
  • Steps you’ll take if the payment isn’t made by the deadline

How to Write the 15-Day Demand Letter

When writing the 15-day demand letter for payment, you need to follow a couple of steps. Here’s a detailed explanation of these steps you need to follow;

Step 1 – Specify How Much Money is Owed

Start by stating an exact amount of money being owed and a description of this. Also, give a detailed summary of the events and ideally including the appropriate documentation.

Step 2 – Date By When The Debt Should Be Paid

This step involves determining the payment’s deadline. When doing this, you should count forward fifteen days forward from the date when you’re sending the letter. You need not be concerned when about this letter’s receipt date, as it will only take a couple of days for the recipient to get it.

Here, you need to explain what you’ll do if the payment isn’t made within the described duration. While doing this, it’s best not to be overly hostile or vengeful. Instead, be calm and explain the steps you’ll take if the demands in this letter aren’t met. The actions you’ll take will either be getting a collections service or taking the matter to the claims court.

Step 4 – Make Copies Of The Letter And Send It

Once you’re through writing the 15-day demand letter for payment, print it, sign it and then send it to the opposing party by certified mail. It’s also important you make copies of this letter as this will be useful personal records and may be useful in the future.

Tips for Writing the 15-Day Demand Letter

When writing the 15-day demand letter, you should follow a couple of useful tips to ensure the request is done in a clear and pleasant tone. Some of these tips to observe include;

  • Be polite: You should never attack the other party because this only triggers them to respond in an angry tone as well. Instead, be polite and calm while writing this letter as this shows you’re confident in your position. This will be beneficial should this matter eventually end up in the courts.
  • Use certified mail: Always send the demand letter for payment via certified mail with a return receipt. Having the return receipt will be of great help should this case find itself in court and the defendant tries to claim they didn’t receive the demand letter.
  • Create and keep copies: Make sure you have all the copies of the letter before sending it and having with your receipts from the post office. Also, don’t discard any correspondence from the opposing party.
  • State the facts: While it might look unnecessary as your adversary already knows what they’re being accused of, it’s always important you clearly mention all the facts. This is necessary as most people usually remember facts according to their perspective. By including the facts, you’ll be reminding them of everything as it happened to ensure you’re both on the same side.
  • State what you want: Be clear and mention what it’s exactly you want rather than beating around the bush. It’s advisable to request more than what you want as the opposing party will undoubtedly negotiate for a lower amount. Also, elaborate on how you reached the requested amount by stating the losses you incurred, including property damage, loss of income, medical visit costs and repair costs.

Sample 15 Day Demand Letter for Payment

March 20, 2021

Dear James Brown,

This letter is the formal request asking for the payment of $2000 in total rent, which is owed as of February 2021, when you rented one of my apartments, 672 Bell Street. New York, NY.

I also have attached a copy of the lease to help you when making your reference.

I have tried getting in touch with you several times by email (February 12, 2021and March 14, 2021) to no avail. Likewise, I have called your phone and left a few messages on February 15, 2021, and March 1, 2021.

As I am writing this letter, I am still yet to get any feedback from you.

If you do not make the full payment by March 31, 2021, you leave me no other choice as I will be forced to take legal action against you in the New York claims court.


Layla Bullock.

15-Day Demand Letter for Payment (Word Template)

15-Day Demand Letter for Payment


Writing the 15-day demand letter for payment is necessary when an adversary hasn’t fulfilled their obligation of settling what they owe you. If you were lost on how to write this letter, discussed above is every essential information to help you when drafting one.

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