Car Accident Demand Letter – Minor Injury

A car accident demand letter for a minor injury is a statement notifying a party that you are seeking damages for an injury they caused you through their negligence. It outlines the accident, presents your losses, and mentions any legal actions you might take if your demands are not met. Essentially, the purpose of the letter is to notify the reader that you are initiating settlement negotiations.

When you get injured through someone’s actions, the law provides that you can seek financial compensation for your losses. A well-written demand letter sets the stage for settlement negotiations between you, your attorney, and the insurance company.

Tips for Writing a Car Accident Demand Letter

Consider the following tips when drafting your car accident demand letter for a minor injury:

  • Always use approximations when giving your account of events to avoid generalization errors
  • When unsure of exact facts and figures, use words like ‘approximately’ and ‘about’
  • Keep your description factual and descriptive
  • Back up your claims by attaching relevant documents

Elements of a Car Accident Demand Letter

An effective car accident demand letter should contain the following elements:


To ensure your letter is delivered to the correct recipient, always include the recipient’s name, address, insurance company name, the insured’s policy number, and the claim number.


Provide a detailed description of the accident and how it led to your injuries, including time, location, and all the parties involved.


This section makes up the lengthiest part of your letter and should describe the following:

  • The losses suffered due to the accident
  • The nature and severity of your injuries
  • Your treatment and ongoing care details
  • Facts showing the insured is liable for your losses


When demanding compensation, list all the losses you have suffered due to the car accident and assign them a dollar value. Some damages you may include are medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.


Always close your letter with your full name and a handwritten signature.

Car Accident Demand Letter for a Minor Injury Format


{Adjuster’s Name}

{Insurance Company Name}

{Insurance Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Car Accident Demand, {Claim No.}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

On {date of accident}, {insured’s name} was driving a {describe the insured’s car}. {He/she} {describe the accident in detail, including location, time, and nature}. As a result of the accident, I suffered {describe your injuries} and had to {describe your treatment}.

Since then, I have been experiencing {mention any lingering pain or discomfort}. I was also forced to {describe any time spent away from work, if applicable}.

In total, my treatment cost {total medical expenses} and I suffered other losses including:

{List losses and corresponding amounts}

All these losses were brought about by the action of your insured who owed me a duty of care to drive safely and within the law. I am, therefore, demanding compensation in the amount of {insert amount}.

I hope to hear from you within {provide timeline}, else I be forced to {consequence of not responding}.

Thank you for your time.


{Your Name}

{Your Signature}

Sample Car Accident Demand Letter for a Minor Injury

2 March 2031

Lucille Barnett

Priority Insurance Company

133 Highway Street

Boise, ID 00900

Re: Car Accident Claim, Claim No. 908/PIC

Insured: Rebecca Hale

Dear Ms. Barnett,

On 25 February 2031, your insured Rebecca Hale, rammed into my vehicle at the I-9 intersection on 100 Highway, ID, where I had the right of way. The police at the scene subjected the insured to a breathalyzer test, proving that she was driving with a BAC level of .12. As a result of the fender bender, I suffered whiplash to mu neck and shoulders and received treatment at Idaho Memorial Hospital.

My treatment currently totals to $3,500, although my doctor projects I might need physical therapy. I have also been forced to miss 1 week of work, which translates to $1,200 in lost wages. Talking into account these losses, and my pain and suffering, I am demanding a settlement amount of $8,000.

I hope to hear from you within 5 days; else I will be forced to take legal action against your insured.

Thank you for your compliance.


Kelly Hill

Car Accident Demand Letter (Word Template)

Car Accident Demand Letter

Key Takeaways

A well-written car accident demand letter for a minor injury should outline the accident you were involved in, your losses, and the compensation for which you are seeking. Because it is a legal letter, it should be factual, precise, and professionally written.

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