Security Deposit Demand Letter: Sample & Template

A security deposit demand letter is a letter written by a tenant in which they demand the refund of the security deposit they paid at their lease signing. Most landlords hold and return your security deposit according to state and local laws. However, you may at some point have a dispute with a landlord about their handling of your security deposit. In this case, writing a security deposit demand letter can help you get your deposit back.

This article discusses what you need to know about your security deposit and what to include in your demand letter.

What You Need to Know About Your Security Deposit

The security deposit you pay at your lease signing protects your landlord from damage to your unit over and above normal wear and tear. Your landlord is required to hold your deposit until you move out. They can then deduct repair costs if necessary. Your landlord then refunds any portion of your deposit that remains after repairs.

Following are some standard regulations your landlord must observe when holding your security deposit. These regulations protect both you and your landlord.

  • Your landlord must deposit your security deposit funds in an interest-bearing account and pay you the interest accrued in some states.
  • Your landlord must return the unused portion of your security deposit within the state-mandated time frame, usually between 14 and 30 days after you vacate the premises.
  • If your landlord sells the unit you reside in, they must transfer your security deposit to the new owner.
  • In most states, your landlord must provide you with a receipt for your security deposit.
  • Your landlord must provide you with a detailed accounting of the security deposit funds used to repair damages.

Tip: Your landlord should provide you with a move-in checklist of the apartment’s condition. When you move, you should meet with your landlord to complete a move-out checklist of the apartment’s condition. These inspection checklists protect you against paying for damages that occur to the unit before you move in or after you move out.

What to Include in Your Security Deposit Demand Letter

When you write your security deposit demand letter, be sure to include all the information your landlord needs to refund your security deposit quickly. Following is a checklist you can use to ensure your letter contains all the necessary information.

  • The date you paid the security deposit (usually at lease signing)
  • The amount of your security deposit
  • The unit address
  • The time frame during which you lived in the unit
  • Your state’s landlord and tenant law regarding security deposit return (you can find this information online)
  • A statement that the security deposit refund is late according to the state law
  • The address where the landlord should send the refund (usually your new address)

Security Deposit Demand Letter (Format)

{your name}

{your address}


{landlord name}

{landlord company name}

{landlord company address}

Dear {landlord name},

On {date} I signed a lease for the property located at {address}. I paid a security deposit of {amount} on this date. I lived in this property from {date} to {date}.

According to {law number or name} of {your state} code, you must return the security deposit within {number} days after the lease is terminated.


Please send the refund amount as soon as possible to my new address at {address}.


{your signature}

{your name}

Sample Security Deposit Demand Letter

Sarah Waters

3048 South Harvard Ave.

Statesville, NC 28756

July 15, 2030

James Howard

Elysian Properties

4208 West Jamestown

Statesville, NC 28756

Dear Mr. Howard,

On April 2, 2029, I signed a lease for the property located at 4376 South Jamestown, Apt. 168, Statesville, North Carolina. I paid a security deposit of nine hundred sixty dollars ($960.00) when I signed the lease. I lived in this property from May 1, 2029, to May 1, 2030.

According to § 42-52 of the North Carolina code, you must provide me with an accounting of damages deducted and a refund of the remaining balance of my security deposit within 30 days after the termination of the lease.


Please send the refund of $960.00 to my new address at 3048 South Harvard Avenue, Statesville, North Carolina, 28756, as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters

Security Deposit Demand Letter (Word Template)

Security Deposit Demand Letter


If your landlord does not lawfully save and refund your security deposit, you can write a security deposit demand letter. Your letter should point out the state or local law regarding the handling and return of your deposit. This information is available online. When you show that you know the law, your landlord is more likely to return your deposit quickly.

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