Child Support Demand Letter Template – Sample

A Child Support Demand Letter is a document that is sent to a parent making child support payments as a reminder when the payments are late. It’s an official document that can be used in court as evidence when petitioning for legal action to enforce the collection of child support payments that are in arrears if the letter does not compel the parent owing the payment to comply.

The child support demand letter is usually sent anytime after child support payment is late. The recipient is given 14 days to respond to the letter. Using a template for completing this type of official notification is less expensive than hiring a lawyer to send the document. A basic template helps to retain consistency in wording by filling in any changes in dates or child support amounts owed.

How to Write a Child Support Demand Letter

It’s important to write the letter in a manner that is useful to a judge in legal proceedings if the parent owing the child support does not respond with payment upon receipt of the letter. There are certain elements that these letters should contain, along with the appropriate tone and duration.

The letter should include:

  • The date that the child support was due
  • The amount of the child support in arrears
  • An outline of the payment schedule and the date that the divorce decree and child support decree was finalized

Tips for Writing

The letter should be written in a civil tone that only contains relevant information. All emotion should be kept out of the letter. Just stick to the facts. It should indicate the amount and date due for child support and remind the parent that they owe this amount. It’s acceptable to include a reason why the payments are important. Some parents use this letter to extend an olive branch with a sympathetic sentence acknowledging the challenges of paying child support. Leave the perception that a court hearing may be in the future if child support is not paid.

  • Keep the letter brief and to the point
  • Avoid getting sentimental
  • Write the letter in a civil and professional tone
  • State the facts clearly and concisely
  • Review the letter and edit before sending

Letter Format

Write the first child support demand letter in a template format. This is a fillable form that can be adapted to fit many situations. If child support payments continue to be late, it may be used as a reminder reflecting different dates and amounts due.

Child Support Demand Letter Format

{Your First and Last Name}

{Your Mailing Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

{Date of Letter}

Dear { Name of Recipient},

This letter is to remind you that the payment obligation of {$ amount of child support due} was due on {Due date of Child Support}. I have not received the payment as of {today’s date}. The finalized divorce decree outlines that monthly payments are due on the {due date} of every month, beginning with {date of child support payment commencement.

{Closing statement indicating the desire to resolve the situation without the need for further legal action}.


{Your Name}

Sample – Child Support Demand Letter

Angela Sampson

894 Elm Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee 86554

March 7, 2021

Dear Alexander Smith,

This letter is a reminder of your obligation to pay me child support in the amount of $756 per month. The support payment is due on the first of each month, or before, as designated by the terms of our finalized divorce decree on May 2, 2020.

As of the date of this letter, payment has not yet arrived for March of 2021. Child support is essential for caring for our three children. Without this income, I am unable to provide for their total expenses.

I hope that we can promptly resolve this situation and that I will not need to take further legal steps.


Angela Sampson

Child Support Demand Letter (Word Template)

Child Support Demand Letter


Writing a demand for child support letter serves as a reminder to the parent who owes the child support and is in arrears of his or her obligation to pay. This document is useful for reminding the parent to pay with the amount due and the date that it was due with an indication that further legal steps will be taken if payment is not made. It is written in a civil tone yet in a professional manner. A copy of the letter must be kept along with return receipt mail that confirms receipt of the document.

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