Letter Requesting Child Support from Father

A letter requesting child support from the father is a document sent to the father of a child, in this case, the non-custodial parent, asking them to honor their child support commitment. It can be drafted by or with the help of an attorney, as it can hold legal consequences for the recipient. Essentially, the letter establishes the father’s relationship with the child, their financial obligation, and how they can meet it.

Divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing, especially when it involves children. Despite being separated from your ex-spouse, you may still have to interact with them, for example, for child support purposes. This letter will come in handy when fulfilling this task.

What to Include in a Request Letter for Child Support

The main purpose of this letter is to inform the reader of their child support obligation and to provide them with enough information to meet it. While the wording will be up to you, some of the key details you should include in your message are:

  • A brief description of the relationship between the father and the child
  • The child support obligation owed to you, including amount and dates
  • A mention of whether any amount is due, as well as how much
  • A description of the purpose of the child support
  • Your contact information

Tips for Writing a Request Letter for Child Support

Consider the following tips when drafting your letter requesting child support from father:

  • Tone: Avoid sounding confrontational, but also steer away from emotional commentary. Try to remain as objective and formal as possible, without sounding cold and unfeeling.
  • Language: Use simple, formal language that doesn’t involve legal jargon, especially if your ex-spouse is not working with an attorney.
  • Length: Keep your letter short, precise, and to the point.
  • Delivery: Make sure to send the letter with enough time for the recipient to respond

Serving Your Request Letter for Child Support

Serving this letter is not as technical as serving a default order for overdue child support payments. All you need to do is include the key details and ensure the letter is delivered to the correct address. To help you ensure efficient delivery, here are some tips:

  • Always include any court orders or formal agreement that relate to the father’s child support obligation
  • Send the letter via certified mail and save the return receipt
  • Provide the recipient with some time to respond before taking legal action or following up

Letter Requesting Child Support from Father Format


{Father’s Name}

{Father’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Child Support

Dear {Last Name},

I am writing to formally request that you meet your child support obligation of {state amount and frequency}, which you should pay to me for the upkeep of your {son/daughter}, {child’s name}. The amount is due every {insert date}, as outlined in {mention child support agreement}.

As you know, your contribution goes towards {what the child support is for e.g. education, food, etc.}. These services are essential to supporting your child, as I cannot meet all these expenses on my own.

I am hopeful that you will respond favorably, so that I am not forced to {legal action you might take}.


{Your Name}

Sample Letter Requesting Child Support from Father

2 March 2031

George McClain

309 Jilin Park

San Diego, CA 0009

Re: Child Support for Amy McClain

Dear McClain,

Consider this a formal request that you meet your child support obligation for $4,000 a month that you owe for the support of your daughter, Amy McClain. The amount, which goes towards her school fees, health insurance, and food costs, is due every beginning of the month.

As per our child support agreement (find attached), you are required to send this amount to me on the appointed date, every month without fail. Your commitment to do so is crucial to the support of your daughter. I am, therefore, hopeful that you will hold up your end so I am not forced to take legal action.

Thank you for your compliance.


Jenifer Greg

Letter Requesting Child Support from Father (Word Template)

Letter Requesting Child Support from Father

Key Takeaways

A Letter Requesting Child Support from Father is a reminder to a parent who has defaulted or is late on child support payments. The tone tends to vary depending on how many previous attempts you have made to reach the parent, with the first being the politest. That said, all request should be written professionally, including the final reminder.

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